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In The Beginning...


The “How Did You Die?” Show began as a visual art exhibit shown at various locations (typically juried, outdoor art shows) in Toronto, Canada.  Each piece is approximately 5 X 7 ½ inches and contains text and an image.  The text is a fictional tale of how the character died a metaphorical death, and the image is a Polaroid image transfer displaying the ghostly, painterly quality and inconsistent border typical of this medium.  This combination plus the other media lies on handmade Japanese paper.


All photography, artwork, and writing are by

Lisa-Scarlett Cruji.

About The Book


The first question I get asked on a consistent basis is, "How did you ever come up with this idea??" The short answer is that it all started when I was taking a photography course and snapping pics in my favourite cemetery. When I got the photos back they looked intriguing, but something was missing... Next thing you know I was adding a tiny narrative to each pic and - ta da! - my evocative art series, The "How Did You Die?" Show, was born!


Please don’t let the title mislead you though. The “How Did You Die?” Show is an artistic and literary prance through life’s joys and trials. The fifty-one images tell stories of passion and of love and minds lost – as well as how a stapler can be used as a deadly weapon...


Don’t worry! These “deaths” are metaphorical only and non-stop entertainment!


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