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Lisa-Scarlett Cruji
Mixed Media Artist, Writer, Tireless Bibliophile

I'm often asked if I consider myself more of an artist or a writer.  Although I've spent far too much time thinking about this, weighing up each side carefully, I always come up with the same answer - I am both, in equal parts.  In my work, the words enliven each piece by providing a narrative to express even the most complex feelings, while the image communicates in a more subtle but no less important way.

A perfect symbiotic relationship, words provide the flow atop an image which is still, yet timeless.

Lisa-Scarlett Cruji's work has been extensively exhibited in both solo shows and juried group exhibitions.  She has studied under many talented artists, most notably Nick Bantock and Evelyn Lau.  Lisa-Scarlett has studied poetry writing at Simon Fraser University; book arts, bookbinding, and printing with the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild; Expressive Arts at the Haliburton School of the Arts; and holds the accreditation of Artist Educator from The Royal Conservatory of Music, Learning Through the Arts Division.  Last, but not least, Lisa-Scarlett is the author, artist, and designer of her book The "How Did You Die?" Show which showcases her fun loving (albeit somewhat macabre) mixed media/Polaroid image transfer art.

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