Lisa-Scarlett Cruji
Mixed Media Artist, Writer, Tireless Bibliophile

I've often been asked if I consider myself more of an artist or a writer. Over the years I've given this considerable thought, weighing up each side carefully, and I always come up with the same answer:

I am both, in equal parts.

I started off in mixed media creating miniatures measuring 3" X 4", and in the beginning, for only a brief moment, they contained no words.  I was working as a waiter and often came home late at night full of tired (i.e. homicidal) energy and lots of emotion that needed an outlet, so slowly and very organically words began to creep into my small creations.  I discovered that words could bring my art to life by providing a narrator to express even the most complex feelings while the image communicated in a more subtle, but no less important, way.  



Lisa-Scarlett Cruji's work has been exhibited in solo shows as well as numerous juried group exhibitions.  She has taught mixed media art and book arts to both teenagers and adults.  Lisa-Scarlett has studied under many talented artists including her artistic heroes Nick Bantock and George A. Walker.  In addition, Lisa-Scarlett has studied Expressive Arts at the Haliburton School of the Arts; bookbinding, book arts, and printing with the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild; poetry writing at Simon Fraser University; and holds the accreditation of Artist Educator from The Royal Conservatory of Music, Learning Through the Arts Division.  Last, but not least, Lisa-Scarlett is the author, artist, and designer of her book The "How Did You Die?" Show which showcases her fun loving, yet somewhat macabre, mixed media/Polaroid image transfer art.  

A perfect symbiotic relationship, words provide the flow atop an image which is still, yet timeless.