Creative Mentoring

Are you stuck, stalled, or just need some help to thrive in your creativity? 

Look no further for assistance!

I love helping both aspiring and established artists and writers

– and everyone who falls in-between –

with their creativity challenges.

A few years ago I experienced a creative block that whittled my artistic output down to a trickle.  The best way I can describe it is that I had ideas, even some good ones, but zero ignition.  I was simply frozen.  It was the strongest creative opponent I've ever faced, but I did a ton of reading, took a LOT of classes, and worked my way through it.  The upside is that when I finally emerged, I was a stronger and more dedicated artist.  I'd really like to offer these tools and insights to you if you're feeling blocked, stalled, devastatingly frozen, or just wondering what's next on your creative path.

Maybe you'd like to embark on your first creative journey and you feel a little lost.  Let me painlessly (and enthusiastically!) guide you through those initial, often confusing, stages.  Not sure what direction to take?  What medium to try?  How to get your creativity off the launching pad?  I can help with answering all your questions!

Please feel free to reach out via the Contact page.  I’m always happy to set up an introductory,  30 minute

mentoring session so that we can talk about you, your creativity questions, and how I could help you get unstuck or get going!  Sessions are in-person or by Skype. 



One time, introductory 30 minute session - $20

Regular session - $40 per hour (two hour minimum session)